Nurturing Talent

One of the things that makes Random Acts different from other filmmaking schemes is the mentoring.

Each successful filmmaker is allocated a mentor who will be there to support them through the development of their idea, through production and during post-production.

We’ve currently got 14 Random Acts films in production, so Jeremy and I are only directly supporting one of these each. We’ve pulled together a broad range of partners, with a range of experience, to help support our filmmakers realise their ideas. In each case we’ve tried to match the needs and experience of the filmmaker to their mentor, offering what we think will be a good match between experience and creative inspiration…

I’m mentoring Jed Fielder and James Lee in this round. They are making a film that is exploring the information overload that the modern world offers us. expiration of domains They have described the idea as ‘an absurdist over examination of a simple act’. Inspired by the ‘Hawkeye’ technology that allows cricket fans to see in minute detail the trajectory, speed and proximity to batsman and wicket of every ball, the film is taking a simple repetitive action and offering the viewer a detailed examination from every angle and with every technology we can get access to.

We very much liked their original idea, but it soon turned out getting access to the actual Hawkeye technology was not going to happen, so we have helped them put together a team that has managed to re-create some of the effect, without the huge computer power and real-time tracking technology that Hawkeye uses. Their idea has evolved through various write-ups and over various meetings over coffee. Each of our Random Acts filmmakers will have had a different experience of working with their mentors, but that’s the point, it’s a creative process for the mentor and the filmmaker. ip2adr . Some of the ideas have stayed very true to their original proposals, but others have evolved in very new and unexpected directions.

Our next deadline for submissions is the 22nd March 2016, so if you have an idea for a short arts film, apply now!