Calling The Shots have worked with ACF Teambuilding and Events since 2008, using filmmaking to deliver teamwork exercises that get teams working together to create a short film in a day.

Working on a film project allows teams to try out roles and work together on a challenging and fun common endeavour. The task combines many creative and technical elements, allowing individuals to take on roles, such as directing or acting that need leadership and confidence, alongside technical roles such as camera and sound, that require attention to detail with each team member needing to play their role to a high standard to produce a successful film.

Seeing how each role has an important part to play to deliver the overall goal can help a team to improve trust and improve communication.

CTS brings access to professional trainers and equipment with ACF providing amazing venues, a huge stock of props and costumes and delivering a gala ‘Oscar’-themed awards ceremony. The final films show that teams that really work together can deliver amazing results and take real value back to the workplace having learned a new respect for their colleagues.

Working with CTS means we can offer clients a full service and access to professional equipment and qualified staff. We promote and facilitate team work and have found we can certainly practice what we preach with CTS, without question our preferred suppliers.
Mark Fanning, ACF


ACF Teambuilding and Events


2008 – to date


Film Production


Steve Gear


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