Quay Arts outreach workshop

Working with Quay Arts in Newport on the Isle of Wight, Kamina Walton just ran a really great photography workshop for ten young people as part of our outreach programme.

Kamina sent the group out onto the dockside to record a sound and then create a series of images that either worked in sympathy with the sound or made a jarring contrast. This kind of juxtaposition meant the pairings of images and sounds sometimes produced really surprising results.

Our outreach for Random Acts is targeted at young people who maybe haven’t thought of themselves as artists or filmmakers and Jeni Saunders at Quay Arts brought together a really diverse of creative young people from Newport and further afield.

Steve from CTS was on hand to support the session and showed a programme of films to help the group get a picture of the wide range of possibilities that creating a short arts film offers. find a domain We showed the reel of artist’s films put together by Ali Roche at Spike Island and this triggered lots of heated discussion about what’s possible.

We’re looking forward now to see what ideas come forward and we’re exploring getting a spoken word artist involved in supporting some of the participants.

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