Ted and Tamzin’s Week at Calling the Shots Work Experience

Ted and Tamzin – FILMS ‘N’ THAT

Hello, we are Tamzin and Ted.

We have been on a week long work experience at Calling the Shots in Spike Island, were we wanted to learn about what it’s like to work within a professional production company. During our time, we were able to visit the Calling the Shots production office, take a trip to IFNOTNOW Digital and visit Films@59 post-production house, in Clifton. Our task for the week, was to create a podcast, using our own voices and recorded interviews to talk about the different job roles within the film and video industry, as well as create promotional material like gifs and photo stills to upload to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to draw audiences towards our podcast.


On the first day we were introduced to the team at Calling the Shots, where we were briefed on what we were going to be doing by Sarah, who looked after us throughout the week.

The first part of the morning, we were taught how to use a Zoom Handy microphone to create a soundscape. We recorded sounds thats represented a ‘haunted house’ and spent the morning editing it into a soundscape using Hindenburg, an audio production software.

After this, we were taught how to create a GIF, which are a series of images or soundless video that continuously loop without having to press play. We made the GIFS on a professional editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro. We found the software difficult, as you can do a lot on it. Sarah was able to guide us to a different software called GIPHY, where we created this :-




On Tuesday, we listened to some BBC Sounds podcasts in order to gain inspiration for our podcast, which was to be released on SoundCloud on Thursday. We then researched some popular marketing strategies to give us some ideas on how we can promote our podcast. We were then taught photography by Steve – the co-founder of Calling the Shots. We learnt how to take photos in different settings on a professional DSLR which was so interesting.

Then we travelled to the IFNOTNOW Digital in Christmas Steps to interview Chris Bettles (the director of IFNOTNOW). We asked him questions about the film industry and recorded the interview on the zoom recorder in order to include it within our podcast. 



On Wednesday we went to Films@59 post production house in Clifton where they edited lots of films and TV programs, ready for broadcast. We edited material for our podcast whilst we observed a film being edited for the project New Creatives. During this we made cool graphics for the Calling the Shots social media about our podcast. Photos were taken for the blog, we met loads of amazing people and we had a really good interview with Paul Donovan, Films@59’s sound mixer. This was an overall amazing day because we got so much done and got a tour of the building. On the tour we saw where voice over artists such as Sir David Attenborough sit to record voice overs for programmes like Blue Planet and we were also shown the editing suites, studios and offices.



On Thursday, we came up with some hashtags and @’s for the social media promotion posts and our podcast title. We continued to edit our podcast and included our interview with Paul (the sound mixer at Films 59). We took photos around the Calling the Shots office in order to make a GIF about our podcast to upload to the Calling the Shots social media pages. We finished our podcast, and uploaded it to SoundCloud, along with our graphic that we created on Canva.



On Friday went to the Watershed and observed the New Creatives briefing day. We listened to some incredible audios and watched some fantastic short films that were made by the artists working on the project. We were given the opportunity to ask the artists any questions and listen to how they got their inspiration to make their amazing pieces. We also took this time to write our blog and take pictures.

Overall, we have enjoyed everything we did this week! We especially enjoyed going to the Films 59 studio and learning about the film industry in an extremely professional working space.

We also loved taking photos on the camera and interviewing people who have major roles in the film industry.

We definitely encourage others to do work experience at Calling the Shots!